GPhoto streamlines the photo uploading process and helps you keep your photo library organized. Say goodbye to manual photo uploads and hello to efficient photo management with GPhoto.

Key Features

  • Elimination of Duplicate Processing - Through the use of a cache that relies on hash file-based keys, GPhoto ensures repeated processing of identical files is avoided. This not only saves time but also reduces storage usage.
  • Prevention of Duplicate Album Names - GPhoto fetches album names directly from Google, comparing them to prohibit duplication. This attribute assists you in maintaining an organized and easily navigable photo library.
  • Automatic Refresh of Tokens - If any error arises during the process of uploading photos, GPhoto automatically refreshes the token. This ensures a continuous and seamless uploading experience.
  • Secure Storage on Local level - All information related to authentication and cache is securely stored locally, guaranteeing the preservation of your privacy and security. Be assured that GPhoto does not gather any user information.


Please make sure you have the following requirements installed below:

  • PHP 8.1 with curl, inotify, pcntl, and bcmatch extensions.

Download the latest release from the releases page or

composer global require octopyid/gphoto
Tested on Linux environment.
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